Campers (and parents) main question is “What should and shouldn’t I bring to camp?.” Here is list to guide you.

T-Shirts (12)
Long Pants, Jeans or Sweats (2)
Shorts (8)
Sweaters or Sweatshirts (2)
Baseball Cap or Visor
Bathing Suit (2)
Dress outfit (1) For camp event or optional night out.
P.J’s (2-3)
Bras (7)
Underwear (12)Footwear
Socks for riding boots & sneakers
Flip Flops
Toothbrush and Paste
Comb, Brush (No curling or Flat Irons Permitted)
Insect repellent
Contacts and Contact Solution
full Sheet Sets (2)
Light Blanket
Bath towels and Wash Cloths (6)
Laundry Bag
Riding Clothes
Riding Pants (6 Jodhpurs/Breeches)
Paddock Boots
Currently approved SEI Helmet
Pens, Pencils
Stationary, Pre-stamped Envelopes
Flashlight and Batteries
Show Team Apparel
Jacket Helmet, Cover
Shirts (Long Sleeve)
Gloves, hair nets
Belt, bows
Tall Boots

Any medications your camper may take. Medication must be in original prescription container, labeled with your Childs name and dosage. ALL medication will be stored in our Infirmary and administered to your child by our camp director.

PLEASE mark ALL belongings with your Childs first initial and last name.

Optional items: softball glove, tennis racket, goggles, personal Ipod/Mp3 player w/ batteries, musical instrument, books, camera, full or half chaps if you have them.

DO NOT BRING: cell phones or pagers, computer games, electronics, laptops, hair appliances(curling iron, blow dryer, flat iron, etc.) no candy, gum, soda or food of any kind. Campers are NOT allowed food in rooms. No tobacco products, weapons, inappropriate music/ tapes/ cds, alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs and/ or unapproved drugs, inappropriate books or magazines.

Any campers possessing illegal drugs or alcoholic beverages will be sent home immediately without refund of fees. At camp there is no assumption to a reasonable right of privacy – i.e. we reserve the right to search bags, trunks, etc. of campers or staff to protect the safety and well being of our campers and staff. We reserve the right to confiscate illegal or unapproved items.

Please leave all jewelry, cell phones and valuables at home. CELL PHONES are not permitted. We would like the kids to get away from all the multimedia and enjoy personal conversations and take part in all activities and leave all the drama back at home. Please understand that cell phones are not an option. Parents will be able to email their children and campers will be able to send emails back. Parents will be able to call camp and speak with counselor for updates if needed. Please keep phone calls to a minimum. We will post photos every few days on our website.

Blue Water Farms is not responsible for lost or damaged items.